Terms and Conditions


In the following conditions ‘The Customer’ shall mean the purchaser of the goods as recorded in the quotation and ‘The Company’ shall meanGreenheart Furniture Ltd. ‘Goods’ shall mean the items recorded in the quotation purchased by The Customer from The Company. ‘Works’ shall mean the delivery and installation of the goods in the agreed location. ‘The Fitter’ shall mean the workers employed by The Company to carry out works.

1. By acceptance of the quotation overleaf the customer agrees to purchase and the company agrees to sell the goods at the price stated.

2. In the event that the supply of the goods includes works, the extent of such works shall be limited to the delivery and /or installation of the goods in the location either as indicated in any drawings attached hereto or as agreed between the company and the customer.

3. The cost of the works is included in the price. The charge for a lost fitting day is £500.00.

4. In the interest of continued improvements of its products and methods the Company reserves the right to change the methods of installation and specifications of fitments without notice provided that such changes match or exceed the quality of items being replaced.

5. The Company warrants to carry out the works diligently and to exercise due care in the course thereof. Localised damage to décor is inherent in the works and the Company shall not be liable to repair or in any way make good such damage.

6. The Company will advise the Customer of the confirmed installation date, usually by email or telephone call, two weeks prior to the scheduled installation date. Scheduled delivery or installation dates may be amended by the Company for operational or other reasons in which event revised dates will be agreed with The Customer. If the Customer needs to change a confirmed installation date such change must be notified to the company at least 72 hours prior to such date as failure to do so may result in the company charging the customer for a lost fitting day.

7. The Company shall not be held responsible for delays to installations caused by industrial action or major weather or public order events.

8. The Customer accepts that the quotation price is based upon clear access to the works and unhindered working conditions. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide a clear area for the fitter to complete the works on the date agreed. In the event that clear access is not provided the company reserves the right to refuse to carry out the works and to charge the customer for a lost fitting day. If the fitter agrees to move any items of whatever nature in order to access the area of works (which he is not obliged to do) neither the company nor the fitter will be liable for any resultant damage to such items or the area in which they are located and / or moved to.

9. In a controlled parking area the customer is required to provide the necessary permit for the fitter’s vehicle. Failure to do so entitles the company to refuse to complete the works and charge the customer for a lost fitting day as the fitter requires regular access to his vehicle.

10. The fitter will arrive between 8am and 10am but will endeavour to telephone the customer on the number provided if they are delayed.

11. Upon acceptance of the quotation, the Customer shall be required to provide a minimum deposit amount equal to 50% of the price before fabrication of the goods is commenced by the Company. Payment may be made by BACS, internet banking, cheque or cash.

12. Upon acceptance of the confirmed installation date the Customer shall be required to provide an interim payment equal to 40% of the total price. The payment must be made so that the monies are cleared funds one week prior to the installation date. Where the Company has not been in receipt of cleared funds one week prior to the confirmed installation date the Company reserves the right to defer the installation until cleared funds have been received.

13. The final 10% of the agreed price plus all agreed extras and charges shall become due and payable immediately after completion of the works. The fitter will request the customer to sign an Installation Checklist to confirm approval of the works by the customer. In the event that the customer chooses to make the final payment by cheque or in cash, the fitter is fully authorised to accept such final payment.

14. Property in the goods shall not pass to the Customer until all sums outstanding from the Customer to the Company whether in respect of goods or for any other reason whatsoever have been paid in full. The customer authorises the company to enter their premises and remove the goods should final payment be delayed for more than thirty days from completion of the works and the company reserves the right to charge the customer for cost of such removal.

15. This document contains the entire terms of this agreement and no supplementary terms shall be admissible unless agreed in writing between the customer and the company. This agreement is subject to the law of England and Wales.


a. Dimensions indicated on any attached drawing/s are a close approximation but may need to be adjusted during the works. Any critical dimensions or areas should be advised by the Customer and noted on the drawing by the Company’s representative accordingly.

b. In the description of the goods overleaf, wardrobe floors, backs and ceilings will not be included unless specified as they are not needed for normal construction purposes. There may be a join in the materials used for surfaces over 2440mm long.

c. Clear access to works means that any changes made to the installation area subsequent to the date of this document and which may affect the installation should be notified to the Company immediately. It also means that the Customer is responsible for the relocation or removal of electrical and pipe work services and appliances, carpets, existing furniture or other obstructions not to be contained within the installation and making good all surfaces prior to the works. Because many types of fitted installations by nature require long panels to be cut and scribed on the premises the customer must also ensure adequate working space for the fitter and a regular power supply to complete such works. The customer must advise the company if a 240 volt power supply may not be available during the agreed installation period. Non-availability of supply may preclude commencement and/or completion within the agreed period.

d. For goods containing light fittings, electrical feed will be taken from the nearest electrical socket which may necessitate running a surface wire from the wardrobe to the socket. The works specifically do not include any other electrical work. Where this is not acceptable to the customer, the fitter will terminate the light fitting with a 13 amp electrical plug which the Customer can then fit in an alternative manner.